Diet Choices and Their Impact on Healthy Gums

We usually talk about oral health in general and health of teeth in specific when it’s the matter of impact of foods and dietary choices on oral health. But we usually forget about gums. Impact of foods on gums is usually taken into consider in pretty passive manner. But it is still a question if foods can have impact on gums. A study by Japanese researchers was conducted on 950 adults in order to find out if dairy products such as milk, yogurt, lactic acid and cheese could be effective in improving the health of gums.

The study involved measurement of periodontal health from the perspective of periodontal pocket depth and clinical attachment loss of gum tissue. It was found out that people who consumed 55 grams of yogurt or lactic acid each day had significantly lower risk of periodontal diseases. However, milk and cheese were not found to be very effective in this regard.

Lactic acid supports the production of Lactobacillus bacteria which mainly supports healthier gums. Researchers also found out that adult who would use green tea more often were found to have healthier gums because green tea has amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, there is a US based research which suggests that a cup of black tea without sugar, lemon and milk on daily basis can put a fight against bad acids and bacteria which can supports the growth of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Another research suggests strong connection between low intake of dietary vitamin C and gum disease. Therefore the foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and other types of fruits wouldn’t only make a wonderful diet for you but it is also going to support the health of your gums in pretty good way.

Similarly, bad food choices can lead to serious kinds of gum diseases and other oral health infections. We all know how bad sugar is for oral health. Well, it mainly starts with the mouth. When you eat sugar in an amount more than what you need on daily basis, this excessive amount serves as sustenance for the oral bacteria. These bacteria then excrete acids which do not only eat away the hardest part of teeth but also infect gums.

So, you need to work on your diet in order to make it better not only for your oral health but overall health also. Moreover, make sure that you visit your dentist on regular basis to stay aware about your oral health status. You can also discuss about healthy deity plan for your oral health with your dentist.


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